Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic ball bearings offer several performance advantages over the standard steel ball bearings. Due to the characteristics of the silicon nitride (ceramic) material, the ball itself can be finished to < 0.15 micro inch RA with roundness often better than .00001 tolerances. The more precise and lighter ceramic ball bearing lowers internal bearing friction, lowers cage wear, reduces raceway wear, lowers bearing vibration and noise, and improves the spindle speed and life. Ceramic ball bearings are a common item on many of today’s precision machine tools, and as a replacement component, can actually lower the total cost of machine ownership through longer life and better performance.

Benefits of Ceramic Ball Bearings

  • Less friction
  • Lower operating temperature
  • Decrease in lubrication degradation
  • Lighter, less centrifugal forces
  • Lower thermal expansion, stable running Preload
  • Higher stiffness
  • Higher speed, more productivity
  • Higher reliability, less maintenance

Quantum Precision Group can supply a variety of ceramic ball bearing options.