Roller Bearings

Roller bearings are one of the most popular bearing types found in the market, and are found in most turning machines requiring higher radial loads. With a roller bearing, the roller is a cylinder instead of a ball, so the contact between the inner race, roller, and outer race is not a single point, but rather a line of contact. The rollers in the roller bearing disperse the load out over a larger area, giving the roller bearing the ability to accept much greater radial loads than a ball bearing. The roller bearing is not designed to take high axial (thrust) loads, therefore in many machine tool applications the roller bearing is used in conjunction with a thrust bearing.

There are many different types of roller bearings used in machine tool applications. Some of the varieties are:

  • Single row, tapered bore
  • Single row, straight bore
  • Double row, tapered bore
  • Ceramic roller
  • High Speed

Quantum Precision Group can provide the right roller bearing for your application.