Engineered Solutions

Quantum Precision Group specializes in machine tool products. Our engineered solutions build off our machine tool experience to offer our customers improvements and efficiencies to their existing machinery by utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies.

A production machine, through constant use, will lose its accuracy, becoming less productive and efficient, and will log increased downtime and maintenance costs. Remanufacturing, rebuilding, or retrofitting an existing piece of equipment can provide additional years of productive service from a machine that may be difficult to replace with an expensive new machine.

The professionals at Quantum are available to assist you with your machine upgrade providing engineered solutions and assistance, component sourcing and procurement, and access to machine service partners.


  • Machine Tool Spindles Systems
  • Lube Systems
  • Hi Frequency Drives
  • Multi Axis Milling Heads
  • Customized Engineered Products

  • Operator familiarity with existing machine
  • Tooling interchangeability
  • Productivity enhancements
  • Maintenance and service knowledge of existing equipment
  •  Lower total cost of ownership of the machine
  • Call Quantum today at 866-868-9574 for your custom machinery upgrades & retrofits.